Thornbill exploration well confirms predicted depth

Metgasco Limited (ASX: MEL) advises that drilling of the Thornbill E04 exploration well has been completed successfully, having reached a total depth of 749.5 metres. Drilling has confirmed that the Walloon Coal Measures being targeted in this drilling were at the predicted depth. Analysis of the coal thicknesses and quality is now underway to better determine its commercial significance.

The Thornbill E04 exploration was designed to investigate the thickness and reservoir characteristics of coal seams within the Walloon Coal Measures in PEL 426.

Consistent with Metgasco’s standard drilling practices the well was drilled to an initial depth of 121.3 metres, and 7" (178 mm) surface casing was run and cemented in to fully protect all near-surface aquifers. The well was then drilled to 473 metres in the Maclean Sandstone, which represents an effective sealing interval within the upper Walloon Coal Measures, and 4.5" (114 mm) casing run and cemented back to surface. Drilling then continued to total depth with the coal portion of the Walloon Coal Measures intersected over the interval 495 to 700 metres, with the top of the coal found to be at the predicted depth.

The section was controlled drilled and chip samples recovered for lithological description and analysis. Wireline logging was conducted following drilling to further examine the lithological characteristics of the prospective section and to determine the total thickness of coal and carbonaceous shale identified over this interval.

The well has now been back filled with cement to surface and abandoned as per Metgasco’s well programme. Restoration of the site will soon commence, returning the site to its predrill condition.

The AJ Lucas Rig 103 will now move to its next drilling location as soon as weather conditions in the Northern Rivers region allow.

Metgasco has a 100% interest in PEL 426.


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