Unconventional revolution could spell end of dirty energy sources

ExxonMobil chief executive Rex Tillerson has suggested un­conventional oil and gas has the potential to lower greenhouse gas emissions across the globe, much as it has already done in the US.

Since 2005, US oil production has grown by almost 70% and US natural gas production has grown by about 45%. However, US greenhouse gas emissions levels are the lowest they have been since 1990, even though the US economy is 50% larger and there are 50 million more people using energy in the country.

“The US unconventional revolution has shown we can expand supplies and reduce air pollution and carbon emissions,” he said. “With sound policies our industry can apply new technologies and techniques to unlock cleaner burning natural gas around the world.”

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Noah Brenner, Upstream International Oil & Gas Newspaper - Friday 20 June, 2014



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