Odin 1 Well Test Commenced

  • Odin-1 well test underway to assess conventional gas deliverability from Toolachee and Epsilon formations
  • Odin Primary well test objectives are:

      - Assess gas flow rates from the Toolachee and Epsilon formations

      - Obtain gas and liquid samples for compositional analysis

      - Determine contribution from individual sands

      - Obtain bottom hole gauge data for pressure transient analysis

  • Test results to assist next steps in field commercialisation process and enable conversion of gas contingent resources to reserves
  • Detailed engineering phase has commenced for the Vali gas field pipeline

The Odin-1 exploration well was drilled with the Schlumberger SLR184 rig and reached total depth at 3,140 metres on 26 May 2021. Extensive gas shows were encountered in sandstones through the primary target Toolachee and Patchawarra formations, as well as a basal sand in the Epsilon Formation. These shows were confirmed as gas pay via the wireline evaluation program, with gas samples successfully recovered from the Toolachee and Epsilon formations.

The Odin-1 well test is focused on the Toolachee and Epsilon formations, which are interpreted to be superior in terms of reservoir quality when compared with the deeper Patchawarra which typically needs hydraulic fracturing in the Cooper Basin.The duration of the well test, including flow, sampling and shut-in periods, is anticipated to be approximately 14 days. Should the flow test be successful, it would validate the approach taken of perforating the Toolachee and Epsilon formations ahead of the Patchawarra Formation. Not fracture stimulating the Patchawarra Formation up front will defer significant capital expenditure until later in the well’s life. Also, a further benefit could be increased gas deliverability from these shallower sandstones through the initial production period.

The well testing of the Epsilon and Toolachee formations in Odin-1 will:

  • Assess well deliverability;
  • Obtain reservoir fluid samples to determine inputs into well and facilities engineering design;
  • Determine contribution and fluid type from the Epsilon and Toolachee formations; and
  • Determine the average reservoir properties from Bottom Hole Pressure data.

This data generated from this testing program will help form the decision as to which formation, the Toolachee, Epsilon, Patchawarra or a combination thereof, should be targeted for initial production in the Odin Field and whether the shallower formations can flow without hydraulic fracture stimulation.

Positive test results will assist next steps in field commercialisation process and enable conversion of gas contingent resources to reserves.


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