Anti-gas campaigns rebuffed – time to get on with the job of supporting new gas supplies

For some time, the Greens have told Australians natural gas development lacks support, and would be a major election issue.

We decided to test the credibility of that strategy during last Saturday’s federal election by commissioning exit polling in 20 marginal seats across Australia.

We’d like to share the results with you.

It found Australians were overwhelmingly voting in response to their concerns about the economy, cost of living pressures, and immigration issues.

Natural gas issues scored zero per cent in the poll.  Not only did gas issues not rate a mention from voters as a spontaneous issue of concern, but even when people were prompted as to whether it was an issuing influencing their vote, it scored ZERO. Even in the many seats polled that attracted anti-gas attention from candidates.

Pleasingly, the exit polling remains consistent with election results to date, which have seen the anti-gas and anti-jobs message of the Greens spectacularly rebuffed by rural Australia; both in electorates with large and potentially-large gas operations.

Australia’s new Parliament has the chance to address our sliding competitiveness; and it has to take this opportunity, because the cost of doing business in Australia is rising - and so too is competition from gas producers in other parts of the world.

The gas industry is currently spending around $1000 per second on new projects that will underpin the Australian economy for decades to come.

The industry can do even more, but only if Australia has stable tax settings, efficient regulation, and regulation based on science.

Michael Bradley
APPEA Director, External Affairs

12 September 2013


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