California dreaming is nuts in NSW

NSW Environment Minister Rob Stokes told a Clean Energy Week forum last week, “We are making NSW No.1 in energy and environmental policy”. He added: “When it comes to clean energy, we can be Australia’s answer to California”.

Really? This is an extraordinary decision that flies in the face of the Abbott government’s efforts to arrest the alarming slide in Australia’s international competiveness and the evident failure of these policies in California and elsewhere. It suggests appalling lack of judgement and is a measure of the degree to which green fantasies have penetrated the thinking of otherwise sensible governments.

Macquarie Street’s decision overlooks what Joel Kotkin refers to in New Geography as ‘’the futility and delusion embodied in California’s ultra-green energy policies”. Kotkin reveals “by embracing solar and wind preferred sources of generating power, the state promotes an ever-widening gap between its declining middle and working-class populations and a smaller, self-satisfied group of environmental campaigners and their corporate backers”.

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Maurice Newman, The Australian, 30 July 2014   



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