Drill rig as noisy as a fridge, not a jet engine

Metgasco today announced the results of noise monitoring from its core hole drilling equipment at Glenugie.

The sound level at the nearest house was no louder than the hum of a household kitchen fridge. “Prior to the commencement of drilling we spoke to the closest neighbours and they expressed a concern about the potential noise from the site. We measured the noise during the drilling with the result being that 40 dB(A) levels were recorded – which meets NSW government guidelines,” Mr Henderson said.

“We also installed monitoring devices at a further eight locations up to 1,800 m away which, as expected, produced sound levels even lower than those experienced at the closest neighbouring property.” The Interim Construction Noise Guideline published by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage states that for work occurring outside normal standard hours the acceptable noise limit should not exceed the Background Noise level by more than 5dB(A). The Background Noise level in the area was measured at 35-37 dB(A) at nights.

The standard hours Management Level of the Background Noise level + 5 dB is 40 dB(A) during 24-hour, uniform construction activities. The measurements confirmed the dispersion modelling conducted of rig operation. “When we started our drilling operations in early January there were some people living up to 8km away that claimed that the noise was similar to that of a roar of a jet engine.

Evidence from an acoustic expert gave evidence quite to the contrary with noise levels at the closest home at 40 dB(A) - which is comparable to the hum of a refrigerator ,” Mr Henderson said. “There is a lot misinformation about our industry. It is good to provide the community with more real scientific data to correct one of the many myths,” “We know that we need to respect landholder’s needs and those of the local community. We also know, as the experience in Glenugie testifies, that it is possible to run our business in a way that can co-exist with the rest of the community.” Mr Henderson said.


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