Former Queensland Premier says coal seam gas industry has helped farmers

Former Queensland Premier, Anna Bligh, told BOSS Magazine recently that the coal seam gas industry has been a huge source of help for Queensland farmers.

Talking as part of the BOSS True Leaders forum, Ms Bligh described current media commentary about coal seam gas as “one of the most poorly conducted debates this country has ever had”.

“The programs they have shown are, almost exclusively, on shale fracking. We do no shale fracking in Queensland or anywhere in Australia; it’s a very different process and it is much more environmentally damaging.”

She said Queensland has been sourcing approximately 15 percent of its electricity from coal seam gas for the past 17 years, with Western Downs farmers benefiting from the additional income.

“Coal seam gas deposits in Queensland are in an area where, for almost all of my political career, I was juggling the problems of decline.

“I’ve sat down at endless farmers’ kitchen tables and they’ve said to me: ‘Farming gas is 100 percent easier than farming sorghum: it doesn’t matter if it hails or whether there’s a drought. I know, every single year, that if I put 10 drills on my property I will be able to pay the school fees. I’ll be able to buy groceries.”

by AGL Community Team, Wednesday 14 May 2014


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