Greens say no to jobs on the day car manufacturing hits the brakes

On the very day Toyota announced its departure from Australia – a move that reportedly puts 44,000 jobs at risk - the Greens were spruiking their formal endorsement of civil disobedience to stop natural gas workers getting on with their jobs.

In an interview with ABC Radio yesterday, NSW Upper House Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham said the Greens state Conference had formally voted to “implicitly” support breaking the law via the kind of protests that put people in danger, stop men and women getting to work, divert valuable police resources from where they’re needed most, stop the industry delivering energy to households, and threaten to shut down regional projects.

The gas sector in Australia is a high tech industry that can fill the gap left by a declining manufacturing sector. The actions of protesters threaten an industry that is building $200 billion worth of new projects that have already created 100,000 jobs across the economy.

Please encourage your friends and family to send a message that they don’t want us to fall behind.

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Picture of Newspaper courtesy of the Australian.

On the very day Australia announces this:

The Australian - Toyota signals the end of local carmaking era


The Greens formally vote to support this:

The Australian - Toyota signals the end of local carmaking era


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