Natural gas occurs naturally – hence its name!

Don't be surprised if natural gas comes from your water bore.

From the NSW Chief Scientists Initial Report, section 10.3

The NSW Division of Resources and Energy collected water bore geochemistry data between 1995 and 2004, across the NSW Great Artisan Basin, prior to and away from current CSG activities.  The results are available in NSW Bore Water Geochemistry Sampling and Analysis (1994 – 2004) (NSW Division of Resources and Energy, 2004).  The data collected showed that of almost 300 bores sampled, over 90% emitted methane, around 60% and 30% emitted ethane and propane, respectively, and around 85% carbon dioxide.  The methane emitted ranged from 3 ppm to more than 600,000 ppm, with the concentration varying according to localised geology and the shallowness of the coal.  The emissions could have come from natural fractures or the intersection of the bores through coal seams and natural gas sands.


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