Once again Lock-the-Gate gets its facts wrong

Metgasco today blasted Lock-the-Gate leaders for once again getting its facts hopelessly wrong and repeating misleading information just as they did last year when commenting on Metgasco water disposal operations.

Metgasco has a strong environmental policy, has always complied with waste management regulations and has never had a reportable environmental incident in its nearly 10 years of operations.  Recent comments reported by Lock-the-Gate leaders in the Echo-on-line that Metgasco was involved with incorrect disposal of drilling mud via a Ballina waste disposal company are absolutely without foundation.  The suggestion that the waste was Metgasco drilling mud is absolutely wrong.

If Lock-the-Gate had bothered to do any research and get its facts right, it would find that the Northern Star incorrectly reported that illegally dumped drilling mud was from a Metgasco well site.  The Northern Star was wrong.  It withdrew its online story when advised of its error and the paper published a retraction several days later.

Metgasco encourages all those who take an interest in the vitally important gas industry to take care when reporting on industry activity.

Media Release, 26 September 2013


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