Our natural advantage

The natural gas industry in Australia has launched a campaign to highlight the critical role natural gas plays in Australian life and how it can be an extraordinary driver of our nation's future prosperity.

To provide a feel for the positive impact of the industry:

  • last year more than 100,000 jobs were created;
  • the industry is expected to soon contribute $13billion every year in tax;
  • more than $1000 is being invested every second; and
  • we provide a practical clean energy.

"Ideological opposition" to gas developments could cost 150,000 jobs and cost $40 billion in exports.

Santos Chief Executive said David Knox warned that "left unchallenged, this vocal minority can create misinformation that greatly impacts the understanding of our industry by communities, government, and even you the people who underpin our success.  It can also have a disproportionate effect on public policy".

Origin Energy's Grant King said, "My biggest concern is not the facts of the matter, it's that there is clearly a small group of people who have an ideological opposition to what is happening and who don't feel bound to that same level of facts that we do.

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